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Job Description of Sections

Major Activities and Objectives: National Health Education, Information and Communication Center will act as centre for the Ministry of Health and Population with have an integrated approach and one door system for advocacy, community mobilization, behavior change communication and health service and program promotion activities. The center will provide planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at the different level and strengthen and encourage people individually and in groups, use participatory methods to develop positive attitude and practice healthy behavior through health education, promotion and appropriate treatment of disease prevention, control and rehabilitation to encourage full utilization of health services and program.

1. Health Education and Promotion Section

1.1. Implement an integrated health services and programs by coordinating health education, promotion and communication policy, strategy, program and activities through planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation with the concerned authority.

1.2. Make an effort, especially among ministries, to develop healthy public policy for health promotion.

1.3. Implement activities to create a supportive environment for health promotion and health education.

1.4. Conduct capacity building activities to develop knowledge, attitude and skills individually and in groups for health education and promotion.

1.5. Conduct refresher program at various level for health education and promotion.

1.6. Develop and run different health promotional programs in hospitals, schools, communities, working places, industries and occupational settings.

1.7. Develop and produce local education materials for local communication media.

1.8. Approve health messages and education materials developed, produced and disseminated by government and non-government organization following a necessary process.

1.9. Conduct coordination and technical committee meeting on health promotion, education and communication and prepare reports.

1.10. Conduct timely monitoring, supervision and evaluation of all the health promotion, education and communication activities at all level, prepare and submit report to the concerned authority.

1.11. Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate policy, strategy, program and activities for prevention and control of using tobacco, alcohol and other addictives.

1.12. Design, develop, pretest, and produce health message for health education, promotion and communication in coordination with health communication section.

1.13. Conduct Behavior Change Communication programs.

2. Environmental and Community Health Section

2.1. Develop pretest, produce and disseminate messages from various communication medias in health education and communication policy,         planning activities and programs regarding environmental health, sanitation, mental health, deafness, blindness and other communicable and non communicable diseases in coordination with the concerned authority.

2.2. Provide support on behalf of NHEICC for prevention and control of epidemics and natural disaster at the various geographic areas of the nation.

2.3. Identify need, conduct research and analysis on health education promotion and communication.

2.4. Conduct mobile health education promotion and communication activities.

2.5. Strengthen, implement, monitor and evaluate school health education program in coordination with concerned authority.

2.6. Plan, implement and monitor health education activities based on local folk culture.

2.7. Plan, monitor, report and submit health education, information and communication related annual program of district and centre in coordination with division and section.

2.8. Prepare and disseminate health education, information and communication program guidelines.

2.9. Manage resources in coordination with and in relation to national and international organizations related to health education, information and communication.

2.10. Support district and region in health education program planning, implementation and monitoring.

2.11. Support to establish and run health education corner in all health institution.

2.12. Develop and conduct social mobilization programs.

2.13. Conduct health promotion, education and communication programs and activities up to ward level through FCHV and activities and motivational activities for FCHVs.

2.14. Develop and conduct advocacy programs.

3. Health Communication Section

3.1. Disseminate health messages through interpersonal communication, group, folk culture and mass communication.

3.2. Share ideas during dissemination and distribution of health messages.

3.3. Maintain relations and coordinate with national and local level communication medias.

3.4. Disseminate health messages by publication and broadcasting through electronic communication, magazines and press.

3.5. Exhibit video films related to health and arrange exhibition and miking during different day celebration and opportunities.

3.6. Compile news, disseminate and press conference during different opportunities related to health.

3.7. Collect, conduct and maintain communication materials and equipments.

3.8. Compile and disseminate materials and programs produced by other sections.

3.9. Broadcast, publish, exhibit and distribute health education materials.

3.10. Prepare graphic design for educational materials.

3.11. Disseminate health messages through cinema/film.

3.12. Disseminate health message by planning, conducting, coordinating and extending HELLIS Library.

3.13. Disseminate health message through website, e-mail and internet services.

3.14. Disseminate health messages through different other methods and medias.

3.15. Disseminate health message by running national IEC clearing house at NHEICC.

4. Administration Section

4.1. Support daily administrative activities.

4.2. Maintain office security, sanitation, building, equipment and other materials

4.3. Order, compile, procure, sell and auction office equipment.

4.4. Enter and distribute office materials and educational materials.

4.5. Manage and protect expendable and not expendable office materials.

4.6. Support planning, releasing and expensing budget.

4.7. Support accounting and reporting of expense, deposit and revenue.

4.8. Support auditing and clearing irregularities.

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Sunil Raj Sharma
Director, NHEICC
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